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CONTENT is a multi-dimensional installation, consisting of 5 sculptures, 6 paintings,
2 video projections and a “sound impression” made up of different tones, music
and sounds.  Inspired by Japanese cloth wrapping, this series evolved through a series
of works which trace the relationship between content and form, object and packaging.
“Sleeping Phoenix” and “Phoenix from the Ashes” are amorphous forms which – similar
to cocoons – envelop the vital core before the final emergence and revealing.  In the
same way that the process of self-realization doesn’t take place in public, but rather
in a more private setting, many apparently external conflicts seem to have their origin
as well as their solution in a person’s inner being.  The background for this conflict is the
wish to transform that which is non-visible, but nonetheless constantly present, into a
concrete and material form. In collaboration with film director Nicolas Flessa, a 60-minute
documentary was made about CONTENT which addresses contextual as well as formal
questions.  Using the means available to contemporary filmmaking, this effort resulted
in creating a comprehensible imagery.  The video installation CONTENT includes specifically
staged scenes and artificially altered sounds to focus on the problems of the story, namely
the fight of the protagonists for their true identity.


Trailer of the movie STRAIGHT by Nicolas Flessa

Videoinstallation CONTENT

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